QROPS Portfolio Management

If you have transferred your UK pensions to a QROPS. And your investments are held in an Offshore Portfolio Bond, whether that is with Friends Provident International, Royal Skandia International, Generali International, or any other provider. We can help you get the most from your investments.

Once your money has been transferred to a portfolio bond, most clients think that the job is done. In reality it is when the work starts. Your investment return is determined by the effort put in. It requires experience and dedication, to achieve the results you want to see. All too often portfolios disappoint, by not living up to expectations. In the majority of cases this is down to poor management or no management at all. Note your bond provider does not advise on individual holdings within your portfolio. That is up to you or your adviser. The person who advised you to undertake the transfer is not a Portfolio Manager. He is a financial planner, not a Personal Portfolio Manager.

Remember if you are many years from retirement that good management over the years will have a dramatic effect on your income in retirement. Conversely poor management or no management at all could greatly reduce your income.

We have in place automated systems monitoring every individual client portfolio, and every individual holding 24/7. We also track income payments to clients. This means we are in a position to ensure that your income requirements are met.

If you have a Portfolio Bond arrangement within your QROPS contact us today and arrange a free no obligation assessment. (QROPS portfolio bonds are charged at a 50% reduction of our normal fee)

QROPS Transfer Specialists

For information and advice on a UK Pension transfer to an offshore QROPS, or a free assessment of your existing QROPS arrangement. Including QROPS to QROPS transfers, QROPS to QNUPS transfers. Please follow the link to the OIIA dedicated Pension Transfer website:


For information and advice on QROPS Portfolio Management

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